Homemade Christmas

I’m currently reading The Day the World Stops Shopping by J.B. MacKinnon. Can you already guess where I’m going with this little post?

Well, it was not intentional on my part that I began the book just before the gift-giving season began, but when you put a hold on a book you don’t know when you’re going to get it!

Thus, I began this season with a bit of an aversion to the mass consumerism that tends to dominate many aspects of Christmas. To be honest, the book didn’t produce this feeling for me, rather it simply encouraged a line of thinking I had embarked on already.

So, as you know (and have maybe already benefited from) we like to find things that we can make for our friends and family at Christmas. This is both a fun endeavor for us, and a way to try to not buy in (pun intended?) to the consumer side of things this time of year.

It’s probably a bit late for me to be giving suggestions and ideas, but hey, maybe you have some energy to:

knit something,

bake some cookies,

make some cards,

build a hang board,

bake a loaf of bread,

make a custom journal,

draw a picture,

or share some homebrew….

You probably have some other ideas you could share too, right?