Custards are one of my favourite desserts. This time of year we have a very good supply of eggs from our chickens and so for Cinco de Mayo we decided to make Flan. It’s actually not too much work, and possibly less work than other custards because there is no careful heating part to the process (although there is the whole water-bath-baking part to deal with, but it’s not too bad!).


We used this recipe (a double batch), but swapped out the cooked sugar for maple syrup since it is also in abundance around here. To replicate the heated sugar we cooked the maple syrup until it was getting frothy.


I was worried that the flan wouldn’t want to come out of the ramekins in one piece but it worked! However, I’m thinking some members of the family will prefer eating from the ramekins so that they can spoon out every little bit of caramelized maple syrup from the bottom (some of it was so thick that it didn’t want to plop out onto the plate).


Feliz Cinco de Mayo to you! Now I better get moving on the tacos…