Week 10

Week 10 – November 20

Week 10 – Nov. 21

5:30-5:45                       Reading, attendance, individual check-in.

5:45-5:55                       Reviewing accents – do some practice as a group.





5:55-6:10                       “Qué hiciste hoy?” Talk about your day so far and ask questions about someone else’s day.  Use the preterit to choose 5 verbs that would help summarize your day’s actions.  Don’t write out complete sentences.  Use these verbs to tell your partner about what you’ve done today. 

6:10-6:45                    Preterit quiz, plus time to correct it. 


7:00-7:30                     el imperfecto – handout that focuses on just this tense.

                                    Read through short reflection out loud with students following along – asking questions throughout.  Students then write their own short reflections (homework if not finished here)

7:30-8:15                     Begin reading story Se Merece Más

  • pre-reading – vocabulary, and how to pre-read a story
  • next students read silently then answer questions
  • then we read as a class out loud (teacher reads, asks questions for comprehension)

8:15-8:30                     conclusion

Homework – prepare for chapter 3 of Cajas de Cartón by working on vocabulary for chapter and pre-reading the chapter if you have time (and energy!).

And the imperfect song:

imperfect song