The Kitchener (About Me)

Hi, I’m Jon, and I spend much of my time in the kitchen, planning and preparing (almost always) delicious local meals.  That time in the kitchen makes me feel that I am more of a kitchener than a foodie or chef.  Thanks for stopping by!

My family and I buy local (100-miles) as much as we can.  This means all produce and meat (which we don’t eat very much of), as many grains as we can find locally, and anything else possible too!  Not everything is grown here and I’m not a purist like the inspiring authors of the 100-Mile Diet, but I feel like most of what my family and I eat is produced in the 100-mile radius where we live.  We live in Kitchener, Ontario, just over an hour from Toronto, about an hour-and-a-half from the Niagara area, and surrounded by beautiful farmland in almost every direction.  It is a wonderful place to live!

I am 32 years old, but this will change.  I am beginning to lose my hair, and I believe this will continue until it has run its course.

I have three young children, all boys, full of energy, and this most likely will not change (although the number could).

I have a wonderful wife, and know that I am very lucky – that will not change.  She works full-time while I take care of the kids.  This year while she’s on maternity leave I have worked at Maurita’s Kitchen at The Working Centre.  You should come volunteer there with me sometime!  I also run a small homebrewing business.

I am a teacher by training (7+ years, does that make me a veteran yet?) and recently received my Ontario Teaching Certificate.  I plan to someday return to that career, once a few things fall into place.

My favorite things to cook are bread and pizza.  I should also add beer to that short list; it seems I have quite the interest in yeast and its potential to help create wonderful things in my kitchen.  100% local bread and pizza are possible in my kitchen, is beer?  I hope to soon find out.

I like to be silly.  I like to be serious too, but it seems most of the time I prefer to be silly.  For some reason this quality in me does not always manifest itself in public.  But sometimes it does.  It just depends on my mood I guess.  I haven’t felt too silly on the blog yet… but maybe in time….