Week 12

Week 12 – Dec. 4
5:30-5:45 – Reading, attendance, individual check-in.

5:45-5:55 – Review family vocabulary with “el hermano de mi padre es…” activity (students use circumlocution to describe various relatives and have a partner guess the Spanish word)

5:55-6:15 – Escribimos – como son diferente nuestras vacaciones (ahora comparada el pasado).

  • First students write in short/bullet form two columns of current and past traditions. (focus here on “traditions” not just memories – getting a tree, lighting candles, etc.)
  • Next they discuss with their neighbour: “Cuando yo era joven mi familia… pero ahora…” Once they’ve told their neighbour once, they try a second time to get more fluent and talking about this topic. (Cuales tradiciones tenian uds?)
  • Next they write their comparisons in paragraph form.

6:15-6:45 – Speaking: interview partners about things they used to do with their families during holidays/vacations.

  • Describe what the holidays were like for your family (it’s okay if they don’t correspond to the current holidays, think more about general holidays and times spent with family).
  • Next step is to use a recording app on your phone (or computer) to record yourself talking about your memories (no reading!). Use the checklist and rubric to assess your speaking afterward.


7:00-7:15 – Las diferencias entre la navidad en

7:15-8:00 – Cajas de Cartón – continue chapter 3

8:00-8:15 – Canción – es el tiempo del año

8:15-8:30 – conclusion: next week, una fiesta (bring a food that you like to share at the holidays, or better yet one from a spanish speaking country!). Can someone bring plates and someone else silverware (or bring your own to save on waste!)

Homework: object pronouns as homework for next week (and the break) – we’ll look at object pronouns in January.

Remember: Next week (Dec. 11) we will end class at 7:00pm