Week 14

Week 14 – January 8

  • Give handout of new vocabulary, have students fill in what they know.
  • The daily routine song (have students learn the song, then learn actions, go through it several times until everyone really knows it!)
  • Daily routines handout – vocab and structures.
  • Q&A with partner (use daily routine personal questions put up on projector):
    • ¿Hiciste una cosa diferente en tu rutina hoy? ¿Qué?
    • ¿Qué comiste hoy?
    • En general, ¿qué comes para el desayuno?
    • ¿Te cepillas el pelo? ¿Por qué?
    • ¿Cuándo te cepillas los dientes?
    • ¿Cuándo prefieres bañarte?
    • ¿A qué hora te acostaste anoche?
    • ¿A qué hora te acuestas?
    • ¿A qué hora te levantaste hoy?
    • Normalmente, ¿a qué hora te levantas?
  • Video – begin with GIFs of Irene’s daily routine. Students practice making statements to each other about what Irene is doing in each scene (present tense).
  • Writing about your daily routine. Write a summary (with as much detail as you can) about your daily routine. Homework – add to what you’ve written a story in the past tense about a day that was not ordinary (and how your routine was affected). Bring this next week.
  • Conclusion – we’ll get to the object pronouns next week, but we will quickly discuss the handouts given before the holidays.