Week 16

January 22 – Week 16

5:30-5:45 Reading and Greeting

5:45-6:00 Review – daily routines. Answer questions about your daily routines with partners (old questions and new ones).

6:00-6:10 Goal setting – write down 2-3 goals you have for Spanish

6:10-6:30 Practice speaking assessment – with your partner (use evaluation form to peer assess).

6:30-6:45 Writing – write about your daily routine but imagine that today was a day when everything happened different than it was supposed to (sort of like the story we read two weeks ago).
While students are writing, individual students practice speaking with me and get feedback.

7:00-7:20 Continue speaking practice. Give handout about “Un Día Normal”

7:20-7:45 Object pronoun practice –

7:45-8:15 Reading – Cajas de Cartón (finish chapter “De dentro hacia afuera” and answer questions on handout)

8:15-8:30 Conclusion