Week 2

Week 1 – September 19

5:30 – 5:45           Reading time – students find a book from class “library” and read silently – no cell phones, no conversations with neighbours, just reading!

5:45-6:00              Intro – ¡Buenas Noches, Clase!  Cómo están?

6:00-6:45              La casa – review and quiz


7:00-7:20               House tour – listen and draw.  Teacher describes his own house and students draw it based on descriptions.  Students are encouraged to ask questions in Spanish for clarification.  (Reviewing placement prepositions—in front of, next to, to the right of, etc.)

7:20-7:45              Reading – la casa de mi juventud             

7:45-8:00              House Quiz

8:00-8:15              El Trabajo Artesanal – https://zachary-jones.com/zambombazo/paso-corto-valoremos-el-trabajo-artesanal-cobre/ (Turns out this was a bit too difficult for the us!)

8:15-8:30              Conclusion for evening.

Finish all handouts as homework, continue working with vocabulary related to where you live.