Week 3

La tercera semana – 2 de octubre

Reading, attendance, individual check-in

Lesson – Verb Conjugation


Activity talking about our homes. 

  • “The ideal house” – write a description of your ideal house.  Focus not just one what it has inside, but what it’s like outside, where it’s located, what the neighbourhood (or lack thereof) is like, etc.
    • Then share with a partner by handing them what you wrote and doing your best to talk about it.  Your partner can give you prompts from what you wrote and/or ask questions.

Spanish Listening – class views native speakers answering questions about houses.  Students fill in blanks on listening transcript.

(if time) Mini writing quiz – write about your house using as many different house words as possible to describe it.  Count how many different words you used to describe your house and write this number at the bottom.  Turn in. 

No te va a gustar por Julieta Venegas y Chau – song that utilizes the preterit tense

Conclusion for evening.