Week 4

Week 4 – October 10

Reading, attendance, individual check-in. 

Lesson – The Preterit (follow up to homework about verbs)

  • Review homework – preterit verbs
    • Pre-quiz from homework (and if you didn’t do it then here’s what you can do).
      • Students practice writing 3 different verbs in all 6 subject forms in the preterit (give 3 irregular verbs to level 3 students). 
      • Check answers

Take quiz

  • Level 2 quiz is over three simple verbs (all subjects)
    • Level 3 is over irregular preterit verbs.
    • Mark quizzes

Improvicuento – which we will use as a covert introduction to the imperfect…                            


Homestay Guatemala https://www.wanderluststorytellers.com/homestay-in-guatemala/

  • After a bit more discussion of the imperfect we will work through this translation activity.

                                                  (level 3s will work as a group in a separate space)

Ser and Estar – briefly discussed, begin handout (finish as homework)

Vocabulary quiz (2nd half of quiz handout from earlier) – then check answers

Conclusion for evening.

  • Next week unit test – preterit conjugations, house vocabulary