Week 9

Week 9 – Nov. 14

1) We touched on some but not necessarily all of these grammatical concepts surround nouns, articles, adjectives, and pronunciation:

  • Gender (the normal pattern)
  • Gender (when it doesn’t fit the pattern – memorize) – this isn’t going to be “make or break” in most cases so don’t worry too much about it.
  • Plural – add an s, except for…
  • Articles – definite and indefinite (always match in gender and number) (handout)
    • Contractions a+el and de+el
    • The interesting case where the article changes the meaning of the noun.
    • Un/una/unos/unas – when do you actually use uno?
  • Pronouns
    • We know the subject pronouns but what is the meaning of usted?
  • Things that conjunctions do – y vs e and o vs u
  • Accents – the rules and a few examples (handout with rules)
  • Task: write a short paragraph that demonstrates all of these things!  Then share with your partner.
  • Pronunciation and Spelling – a short listening and writing activity to see if you can put the accent in the right place.
  • Practice here: https://www.spanishdict.com/quizzes/118/written-accents-tildes

2)   Quiz on the preterit irregulars (moved to next week)


3) Cajas de Cartón – Capítulo dos

4) Song: Raphael – Canción del Trabajo

                                      Alex Cuba – Fuego

5) conclusion – preterit quiz next week