Local Menu Plan

 April 8-14

There are a couple items on this menu that were from last week that we didn’t get to so we’re having them this week.  Tuesday should be fun since that is dinner and a movie at the YMCA Early Years Centre (EYC) of Waterloo.  The event is a fundraiser for their summer programs.  I have loved having the EYC as a resource since we moved here.  I’m not sure exactly how we would have filled out days but now we go there at least three times every week for different classes and programs and just to have a change of scenery.

Last night Madame was looking through the freezer and pointed out that we actually have a lot of frozen meals.  So I guess we should be eating them….  I aim to have one frozen meal a week but sometimes forget.  I guess I’ve gotten good at cooking enough for two meals but not very good at eating the second half of the meal.  That or I’m planning for some sort of event that would necessitate having large amounts of frozen meals.

  • Frozen Kusherie (leftover) + salsa sauce + paneer
  • Salad – with greenhouse lettuce, carrots, greenhouse tomato, shredded radish
  • Pajamas and Pizza at the Early Years Centre