Local Menu Plan

April 15-21

Nomday Monday

Here�s the upcoming week�s menu. �Thematically I�ve decided that Monday is a good pasta day. �I don�t intend to follow this as a rule, but more of a casual guideline. �Monday is often when we go pick up our order from Bailey�s�so having an easy one-dish meal like pasta is helpful. And speaking of Monday, I�d like to start a blog hop over here on the theme of 100 Mile Mondays! �I still have a hard time finding very many other local menu bloggers or blog posts so I felt like I should start my own link up to encourage and find others who are interested in this. �Maybe the problem is that a local menu is only helpful to locals! �Therefore the more people who do it the more helpful it will be in a wider range of places. �Anyways, look for that on Monday, and hopefully I can twist my brother�s arm into posting a local Pacific Northwest meal!�us.

This week I�m linking up at Nomday Monday because these are healthy, local meals, and of course I�m linking up at Organizing Junkie�s Menu Plan Monday because that�s such a great motivator for me to remember to always post my menu! �We�ll have a couple meals that are �all-in-one� meals, for which it doesn�t seem necessary to do various sides. �Also, we�re leaving Friday open, with an assumed neighbourly meal. �It feels good to leave it spontaneous, at least for now. � And Saturday night we will be in Syracuse meeting up with my sister and her family so who knows what we�ll be eating! �Maybe some good local food from there� if we can find the right type of restaurant (anybody know of one?). �I realize this menu plan is a little bit less-involved than other weeks, and that�s okay with me, I think it will be a little bit of a rest for me.

�Free� Cookbook � Food & Wine Annual Cookbook 2012. �First of all, I don�t want you to buy anything. �That said, if you�re interested� this works, just make sure you do what is necessary to not get more than you want, and no, it�s not actually free, you have to pay for shipping ($4.95). �Still, as you can see I�m cooking from this cookbook a lot and I think it�s worth it. �And no, I don�t get anything from you clicking on it or ordering it. �I just am telling you where I got it. �I�m guessing this is only available in the US, sorry locals�.

Speaking of locals � Do these menus work out in other parts of the country/continent? �I�m curious about places that have similar seasonal food calendars, what foods are available where you live right now? �(I�m going to ask my family in Washington State�.)

Menu Plan:

  • Dinner with neighbors (make something spur-of-the-moment?)
  • (in Syracuse)

Shopping List (we�re shopping for 2 weeks because we�re in Syracuse next weekend) :

  • Spinach and/or baby greens (if local)
  • Red cabbage
  • Onions
  • Leeks
  • Lettuce
  • Celeriac (Celery Root)
  • Parsnips � plenty
  • �wild� mushrooms
  • Dried cranberries
  • [Sheep�s milk] ricotta
  • Bacon

Not sure if these are at market, so there may be a second stop, but at least I can get the first three locally/regionally:

  • Heavy cream
  • Fusilli (pasta)
  • Tofu
  • Whole cloves

(Update: after shopping) Well we got everything on the list, although not all at the Kitchener Market, the second list items were �found at Full Circle Natural Foods.