But how do you find the time?

“How do you guys find the time?”  At least one friend has asked us that.  Now that I think about it, we sometimes ask ourselves the question.  We don’t really have a good answer.  We often mumble something like “Well we make time for it.”

preserving the harvest 17preserving the harvest 18

But that doesn’t really seem like a good answer.  So how do we find the time to preserve in the form of ferments, canned goods, and by freezing?

preserving the harvest 15

We find the time because we choose to not live on a dual income.

preserving the harvest 19preserving the harvest 13

We find the time because we would like to eat as well in the winter as we do in the summer.

preserving the harvest 8

We find time because we prioritize food, health, and well-being over entertainment and convenience.

preserving the harvest 4

But really we find the time because we enjoy it.preserving the harvest 7

In general, if you enjoy something it seems you can find the time to do it.  Yes, harvest season is busy and stressful at times, but the end results are so beautiful and delicious, and they make our winter a time of celebration as we open each jar of tomatoes to make a pasta sauce or pull out some frozen peaches and berries to make a smoothie.

And really, once you make the commitment to eat locally and seasonally it provides a clarity to the question of what to eat.  It’s no longer a set of rules about which foods are okay and which are not.  It becomes a simple guideline based on what’s available.  In the summer we eat it if farmers are growing it.  In the winter we eat it if it’s in our pantry or freezer or if a farmer has been able to store it (you know, root crops, cabbages, apples, etc.). So no recipe today, just photos of what we’ve been up to.

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