How to stay updated with The Local Kitchener

In case you were wondering….

There are a few ways to stay up-to-date with The Local Kitchener.  Here they are:

One.  Just check the site on a regular basis.  This is probably not too reliable, but at least there’s no commitment!

Two. Sign up for email updates.  This means getting a monthly email with a link to a few posts.  This works pretty well, at least if you like email.  You can even subscribe to our mailing list right here:

Three.  Like us on Facebook.  This is good but Facebook is a bit weird because it doesn’t always show everybody everything.  For example sometimes a new post is only shown to about 5% of the people who like the page. Nonetheless, it’s very user-friendly and is a decent way of staying connected.  (Click over there on the right, down a ways to like the site without leaving.)

facebook page

Four.  Follow on Twitter.  To be honest I’m not sure this is really that useful since Twitter is so crowded with information.  Although maybe the problem is that I just am not very good at tweeting!  Still, it’s an option for updates so go for it.

twitter page

Five.  Use an RSS site of some sort like BlogLovin’.  I like this method, it presents all the blogs you follow in a nice layout. Follow my blog with Bloglovin!

Cheers and Happy Easter.