Plan to Cook

We had some plans�.� And now we have new plans!

Speaking of plans, you might recall that I used to always share my meal plans on this blog.� Well, after falling on to some bad habits with meal planning in the past year(s) I decided to make an accountability partner of sorts by using chalkboard paint to make a meal plan chalkboard on the wall in the kitchen.� It has worked so well that since putting it up we�ve had a meal plan every week since the new year began. �

March 16 7

Not only has the meal chalkboard helped us to remember to plan our meals but it�s also helped to greatly reduce the �what�s for dinner� question that our kids so love to ask.� Now they just wander through the kitchen and look up on the wall and for the most part keep their positive (or more often, negative) reaction to themselves.

March 16 2

To try to make this quarantine week a bit more fun we had each kid choose a meal.� The result is a pretty obviously kid-friendly week of meals.� Luckily the grownups in the house like this food too.

March 16 1

Each kid will help prepare the meal they�ve chosen so that begins tonight with the tomato soup and grilled cheese.

March 16 3

We are picturing the next three weeks to be filled with lots of cooking, reading, playing of games, playing in the backyard, doing a bit of �school,� coloring, Legos, listening to audiobooks, and whatever else we can think of.� What are you doing for this �break?�

March 16 4