Week 1

Week 1 – September 19

5:30 – 5:40           Intro – ¡Buenas Noches, Clase!  Cómo están?

5:40-6:00              Housekeeping

  • Course outline
  • Resources.  We’ll be using the following two books, the first is for level 2, the second for level 3:
  • If you want you can order both as there will be times when you may want to follow along with whichever part of the class is reading one of the books out loud. 
  • Another good resource is the Everything Spanish Essential Book which students used last year as their main book for class.
  • Curriculum Documents:

6:00-6:45     Diagnostic – To demonstrate where you are at with your Spanish write now, write an introduction about yourself (as much as you can in 10 minutes, and turn in when finished).


7:00-7:30              Paso corto: ¿Quién soy y qué me gusta? Viena

  • Go over handout vocabulary first and check for understanding of questions (this is a pre-reading/pre-listening activity)
  • View without subtitles once. Second time with.  Students fill in answers as able (easier for level 3 students)
  • Go over answers by viewing a 3rd time and pausing after each answer.
  • Answer personal questions, then ask partners.

7:30-7:50              Share with a partner your own version – Answer personal questions, then ask partners.

7:50-8:15              Theme – Donde vivimos

  • Level II – vocabulary theme is la casa
  • Level III – vocabulary theme is what is in la casa, and in a larger way how do we make the places we live
  • Assignment: Describe the place you live.  Level 2 focus on your home and neighbourhood.  Level 3 focus on the city, how do you describe it – what buildings are in it?  For both levels compare to life in a rural community in the amazon (revisit the Viena story). Keep this for your notes and work on as homework if you haven’t finished.

8:10-8:20              Que Bonita es Esta Vida – music video and handout

8:20-8:30              Conclusion for evening.

  • Homework – Que hiciste el verano pasado
  • Reminder to order book (this will be used for homework assignments and extra study of grammar)