Southern Ontario Local Menu Plan – June 10-16

Things are getting better–I mean in terms of the arrival of summer.  It was a long winter and spring has been quite full of cold, windy, dreary days (like winter in Atlanta…).  Today however is beautiful!  We went as a family to the Kitchener Market and found lots of wonderful things to add to our spring bounty from Bailey’s.  Our fridge and pantry are now full of asparagus, rhubarb, green onions, shallots, mushrooms, carrots, and several other things I can’t remember off the top of my head.  Our garden has become a reliable source of greens and very soon peas will be added to the list.  There are flowers on the tomatoes and peppers and the winter and summer squash plants are bigger every day.  So, like I said already, things are getting better!

This week’s meal plan is lacking Monday and Tuesday because we will be out of town for Madame’s work conference in Niagara!  The boys and I plan to hit up a local nut farm and go searching for strawberries too since rumor has it they are ripe there…. Oh yeah, and then we’re going to Madame’s parent’s house for Father’s Day weekend, so there’s a gap on both ends of this meal plan, lucky me—a vacation (and I love helping cook when we go home to our parent’s house, but I don’t have to make the plan!!).

Since this week is lacking on menu ideas, if you feel like you need more ideas just check out last week’s menu which was so good, every day’s meal was wonderful and almost all were new to us.   Shaved Asparagus Pasta was pretty much the easiest meal I’ve ever cooked, I recommend it as an easy seasonal meal!  The meal originally comes from Martha Stewart, but The Red Spoon has a much more detailed version of it that is quite helpful.

shaved asparagus pasta - easy

June 10-16

Monday Niagara

  • (One dish we ate last week as a replacement for soup on Saturday night was Sausage, Beans, and Greens Gratin from An Oregon Cottage.   It was soooo good!  I recommend trying it alongside some fresh homemade bread, and a side of roasted asparagus….
Tuesday Niagara
Wednesday “1-Dish Wednesday”

  • Spring Greens Lasagna, based loosely on standard spinach lasagna recipes
  • (or I may bake some of Bonnie’s (from Foodivore) meatballs and serve it with leftovers from the week if we’re in a hurry to hit the road that night).
Saturday Madame’s Hometown
Sunday Madame’s Hometown




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