Video Vednesday – Eye Spied a Spider

The Nursery Web Spider on a leaf of Romaine Lettuce

While we were visiting my assistants’ Granny and Boppa we found this spider lurking between the leaves of a lettuce plant in their huge garden.  In the video my young assistant is more interested in finding out more about the deer that had been visiting the garden the night before….

As best as I can tell, the spider in question here is a Nursery Web Spider, or Pisaurina mira.  Often mistaken for Wolf Spiders they are no threat to humans, rather they are helpful in the garden as they help eat insects (surpirse!).

“Their bite can not kill anything bigger than a small fish.” – From Animal Diversity Web.

Well, hopefully they’re right with that information.  What kinds of interesting insects do you find in your garden?  I often feel like North America isn’t that exotic but then I’m surprised and amazed at some of the things that I learn about that I didn’t know before!

If you haven’t yet, check out this week’s menu plan and let me know what you’re excited about eating this week.   My favorite meal last week was the meal of Veggie Burgers on Spelt English Muffins!

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