Locavore Meal Plan – February 3 – 9

Locavore Meal Plan for Southern Ontario and Similar Climate Regions – February 3 – 9

We’re really happy with our new cookbook, 30 Minute Vegetarian.  Sadly it’s not readily available on this side of the Atlantic.  Written by Rose Elliot, it is published in the UK.  How did we end up with this book?  Let’s just say we have a lovely neighbor who works for a publishing company and she shares some of the many books she edits.  Last week most of our meals came from the cookbook and all were easy to make (yes, roughly 30 minutes) and delicious!  So we have several more meals coming from the cookbook again this week.  We definitely recommend the book if you can find it!

Tonight’s meal consists mainly of the Perfect Protein Salad from the super-classic vegetarian Moosewood Cookbook.  I’m excited to try this dish and currently the wheat berries and soy beans are soaking themselves happily on the counter in the kitchen.

perfect protein salad 4

 the-local-kitchener-meal-plan-logo vegetarianThe menu for the week (sharing at Menu Plan Monday, an awesome resource!):

  • Quick dosa masala with fresh tomato chutney (30-Min Veg p.120)
  • Rice
  • Borscht
  • Fresh Ciabatta Bread
  • Salad
  • Leftover soup and grilled cheeses
  • Pizza or Leftovers