Something new is coming!

First of all, let me say “Happy Thanksgiving” to my American family and friends!  I hope the day is wonderful!

August 2017 102

It has been a long time since I posted, basically a year!  In that year I have been working as a high school science teacher at a local private school here in Kitchener.  It’s been great to be back in a school teaching biology, chemistry, and even math.  In my free time I’ve been eating lots of homegrown kale (mostly in salad form) and brewing with local hops.something new 3something new 4

One of the projects that I had wanted to work on for a long time but kept dragging my feet about was an idea called “Homestead City.”  My brother-in-law, Graham, and I came up with a few pilot episodes featuring my family and a couple of our good friends from our neighborhood.

something new 1something new 2

The premise of this project was an idea I’ve talked about before on this blog, that you can’t do or make everything from scratch when you live in the city, have a job, a family, a small yard (or no yard), and so on, but you can do something!  And when you connect with your neighbors, friends, and other community members, together you can create a homestead out of your city.

In the past year Graham has taken the project to Toronto where he has worked with a crew to develop a series of episodes for television.  Stay tuned for more news about when you can see the full series, and in the meantime here’s the pilot episode featuring The Local Kitchener and his family: