[Local] Menu Plan Monday

My wife and I have been menu planning ever since we had our first child which was just over three years ago!  We started keeping track of the plans last summer.  This winter after our move North I had time to make the plans a bit more detailed which is what prompted me to start this blog!

meals planned

I do my planning in MS Word, and then also post them in Google Calendar which allows us to receive email reminders about what’s for dinner.  The Google idea came from Simple Mom .

Here’s this week’s menu (also submitted to Menu Plan Monday ):

Monday – Pizza Night (remember the experiment from a couple weeks ago?)

  • Frozen pizza (remove from freezer in afternoon and top them before baking)
  • Toppings – 1) beet, onion and cheddar  2) apple, walnut, blue cheese



Thursday – Pasta Night


Saturday – Easter Dinner

  • Tzatziki with local yogurt and cucumber
  • Pita from local whole wheat flour
  • Local lamb – remains to be seen how we’ll cook it
  • Hummus (not sure if we’ll find local garbanzo beans, but there are local black beans that can be used)  (add more water to make it smoother)
  • Falafel (same problem as hummus)

Sunday – Leftovers!

Menu Plan Monday: http://orgjunkie.com/2013/03/menu-plan-monday-march-2513.html