Southern Ontario Local Menu Plan

May 6-12

the local kitchener meal plan logoSpring is beginning to arrive at the market and that is good.� It also is beginning to arrive in my backyard where I�ve been able to harvest small amounts of leaves from various young plants�dandelions, mustard, spinach, kale, and lettuce.� So this is good.� However, asparagus hasn�t come yet (Friday we will get some from Bailey�s!) so it still kind of feels like Spring isn�t fully here yet.� At the Kitchener Market we were able to pick up some local greenhouse arugula and chard, but neither of those really makes me feel like spring the way the asparagus will.

Sunday afternoon we went for a hike at Rattlesnake Point which is on the Escarpment that looks out over Lake Ontario.� It was beautiful!� We joined two of Madame�s brothers and their spouses, had a lovely picnic, played some Frisbee and kicked around a soccerball, hiked, enjoyed the warmth of sun, and had a great time!�IMG_4019 IMG_4015When we got home instead of doing our Cinco de Mayo feast we had guacamole (a mini, non-local celebration!) and a frozen Beet, Potato, & Mushroom Casserole. �Thus we will celebrate Siete de Mayo.� I checked that phrase on google and the only interesting thing I found was a blog from a US surgeon in�Afghanistan�from two years ago.� His reason cited was the same as mine, well not the same really in any way other than the fact that when you can�t celebrate Cinco de Mayo you celebrate when you are able!� So, come on over for some great Mexican food on Tuesday night if you�re nearby!

The Eggplant Parmesan will be made with local greenhouse eggplants.� Kind of hilarious, and strange� but I was excited to eat something different and pretend that it�s summer.� Tonight�s Penne with Cabbage is something I�ve made before, but a long time ago.� It�s simple and tasty. � Also, I�m branching out this week, or returning to my roots�the Moosewood Cookbook is featured this week in two recipes, Eggplant Parmesan and Spanokapita. �Should be great!

Tuesday �Siete de Mayo�

Saturday Indian night

  • Frozen meal night � choose from one of several frozen meals (from the last couple months� it�s nice to have a break from cooking!)