The Beet Goes On… The Sandwich

We are so eager for new growth, sunshine, warm and fragrant breezes, and fresh-from-the-earth produce.  Soon.  These things will happen, we just need to wait a little longer.

the beet goes on the sandwich

In the meantime it is important to find a few more ways to make the remaining produce that has been stored all winter a little bit more exciting.  This sandwich was part of our answer.

the beet goes on the sandwich

Rather than make some sort of veggie burger—which is often more trouble than it’s ultimately worth (there are exceptions)—this sandwich gives full veggie flavor while preserving the true nature of the various components.

the beet goes on the sandwich

The three root vegetables, beets, potatoes, and parsnips, are simply sliced and roasted with a bit of oil and seasonings.  Once they are crispy on the outside they go in the sandwich, with a few classic sandwich condiments.  This recipe should appeal to those who say veggie burgers aren’t burgers since this recipe makes no claim to be anything other than what it is, a roasted vegetable sandwich!


the beet goes on

Get the recipe at Bailey’s (but really you can probably just look at the photos and know what to do, they tell most of the story!).

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